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We are a comprehensive medical office of a licensed family doctor Dr. Bart Kaczmarek, operating in Windsor, Ontario. We provide family medicine services to previously registered patients as well as several services open to public: joint injections for arthritis (focused practice designation), skin procedures for removal for moles, warts and skin tags and private physical exams (driver's physicals).


Family Medicine Department at Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry has trusted us with training and teaching of medical students and doctors from local family medicine residency. We are affiliated with University of Toronto Physician Assistant program as a clinical training site. Our team consists of a licensed family doctor, medical trainees, an experienced team of licensed nurses and friendly front desk staff to provide you with highest standards of medical care. We aim to make everyone feel welcome and most important to us. 

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Family medicine primary care is what we do with thoroughness and passion. To provide comprehensive health management we have joined a Family Health Organization (FHO) model which promotes prevention and long term health benefits of patients. Over 2000 patients have registered with our practice and we are receiving feedback of high patient satisfaction (check and review us here). Our family practice highlights lifestyle medicine and prevention: healthy eating based on vegetables, physical activity, maintenance of life balance, taking responsibility for oneself and others within the family and the local community. We believe in minimizing and deprescribing of medications as well as reducing unnecessary tests that we know may do more harm than help. We were the first family doctors office in Windsor to incorporate and routinely use point of care ultrasound (POCUS) in medical practice. Check our Family Practice tab to see more details about what we find important for your health. If you are looking for a new family doctor and would like to join our family practice please check the New Patients tab to see if we are accepting new patients at this time.


We are Windsor's leading centre for private physical exams and welcoming all public for this service. Most common exams conducted are MTO driver's physicals in Windsor. What sets us apart from the rest is a convenient online booking system which will allow you to chose an exact appointment date and preferred time, no more waiting in line at a walk-in clinic for hours. We will additionally save your time by asking pertinent health information when booking online. Patients who do not use internet will be able to register by phone. Professional drivers return to us for their future drivers physical exams because we are fast and efficient. We know how valuable is your time and do not want to waste it. All tests including urine tests and routine additional testing included in price of the drivers physical exam. Patients are required to bring your driver’s license and any documentation sent by the Ministry of Transportation. For more details and pricing check our private physicals tab.


Our medical centre is offering professional cosmetic lumps and bumps removal and welcoming new patients interested in this service. Our physician Dr. Kaczmarek is a family doctor who has previously trained in operative specialties including a surgical subspecialty fellowship at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit for several years. We will work with you to design and provide best aesthetic result of your skin. Current procedures offered include skin mole removal, surgical resection of skin cysts and small lipomas, wart removal, liquid nitrogen treatments, skin tag removals. Skin lasers and non-invasive treatments work well but when the changes are too large - give us a call for your consultation with us. We are your accessible lump and bump removal clinic. No need for referral, patients can easily obtain a consultation visit by booking online here. Consultation and first visit is free of charge. Some skin procedures are covered by OHIP, most are out of pocket expense. For details on pricing please check our cosmetic procedures tab. 


We are a medical office in downtown Windsor. Our address is 1428 Ouellette Avenue, suite 309, Windsor, Ontario. We are located on the third floor of the white building of Medical Labs of Windsor. Patients can easily get to see us since we are on route of major bus routes: 1A and 1C, right in front of a bus stop at Ouellette and Ellis, between Jackson Park Downtown Windsor and Windsor Regional Hospital Ouellette Campus. The building is wheelchair accessible, there is also an elevator to take you (really slowly) to our office. There is a public bathroom on the floor. If you are looking for more details such as opening hours it is best to check our contact and messaging tab.You can call us at 519-252-2757.

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