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FAQ for best family doctor in windsor, pain clinic, arthritis shots, private physicals


  • Are you currently accepting new patients?
    For our current status of accepting new patients please check our New Patients tab. If the status is open please click the large plus button to register as new applicant. Please be aware that becoming our patient means accepting and signing a FHO registration agreement with us that will ask you to seek all your primary care within our medical office and circle of care of our FHO group.
  • Can I become your patient without signing FHO registration agreement?
    No. If you are interested to be our patient but do not want to sign the FHO registration agreement - we will not be able to accommodate you. We are not able to provide good quality care on a fee-for service ministry financing. Instead we encourage search for a different family physician, there is a growing amount of physicians rostering patients now that may be able to accommodate your preferences.
  • What happens if I have to use a walk-in clinic?
    All we ask with regards to avoidance of clinic use is to be mindful and do your best to contact our after hours service first. There may be times we are not available such as Sundays and we understand it. With concerning clinic use we may call our patients to remind them of it. Only with heavy and habitual outside clinic use we may choose to deroster patients from our practice. For more details why it is important please check our after hours explanation.
  • Do you offer walk-in clinic services?
    We do not offer walk-in clinic services open to public. We are available to our rostered patients for urgent same day concerns if needed. We request to call us first.
  • What happened to annual physical exam visits?
    Annual physical exam historically was a specific office visit for a head to toe exam only (as opposed to "a problem visit") with a chance to review patients preventive care. This has been discouraged recent years, because visits like this show no benefits to patients. A good example would be if our patient's ear hurts we will give our patient an appointment for it and examine the ear, but there is no benefit in examining ears every year without any ear complaint. How do we address the necessary preventive care then? Instead of making a specific once a year appointment dedicated to preventive care review we now make sure preventive care is up to date at each and every "problem visit" or phonecall. What our nursing team reviews at every adult visit includes, among other: Blood pressure check Medication review (to update and see if still needed) Cervical cancer testing according to most recent guidelines High cholesterol screening (depending on risk factors) Diabetes screening (depending on risk factors) Breast cancer testing according to most recent guidelines Colon cancer testing according to most recent guidelines Osteoporosis (weakened bones) Vaccinations
  • I have been sick and coughing how come I did not get antibiotics?
    Absolute majority of patients with several days of coughing, sore throat, ear pain or sinus congestion do not need antibiotics. This is because these infections tend to be caused by viruses. No amount of antibiotics will ever kill viruses. Recent changes to family medicine and primary care recommend no antibiotics even with conditions such as: uncomplicated middle ear infection, bronchitis, bacterial sinusitis (unless it is over 7 days), COPD and asthma exacerbations (unless purulence present). This is actually safer and better, reasons for this are well explained here.
  • I have terrible back pain why can't I get an MRI?
    New sudden back pain can often be excruciating and even limiting work. But unless certain red flags suggestive of immediate danger to spinal cord present, there is no benefit in ordering imaging studies. Most people even with strong pain feel better in about a month just by staying active, exercise, heat or cold pads and over the counter medications. Please check this great source explaining this problem better.
  • I have diabetes why did I not get a sugar check machine (glucometer)?
    We share the opinion with many experts that with uncomplicated and well controlled diabetes there is no need to check sugar at home. It proves to be non-beneficial, burdensome, often confusing and costly. That does not mean we are disregarding this disease. We are taking care of patients' sugar checks every 3 months with laboratory A1c tests and discuss treatment changes based on these results. Do you remember, that the A1c measures you average blood sugars from the past 3 months? We reserve home glucometers to patients with complex diabetes and for those on injectable medications (such as insulin).
  • Where can I get a covid-19 PCR test and certificate?
    If you are looking for a covid test, government criteria for publicly covered testing has been drastically decreased. If you are interested in out of pocket or travel covid testing you can check our affiliated covid-19 testing centre location.
  • Do you offer covid-19 vaccinations in your office?
    No. For lack of proper resources we do not carry the vaccine in our clinic but you should be able to easily register for your COVID-19 vaccine here.
  • Are covid-19 vaccines safe?
    We strongly encourage covid-19 vaccinations. Despite some successfully propagated doubts we are very confident that vaccination remains the best way to ensure safety from serious consequences of covid-19 infection.
  • I feel covid-19 vaccine is not safe for me - can I get an exemption letter?
    We do not provide letters of exemption from covid vaccine, we encourage vaccination instead. List of true contraindications to covid-19 vaccine is extremely short and is available here (look for contraindications only)
  • Are the joint injections covered by OHIP?
    The consultation and procedure is covered by OHIP. We only charge patients a fee to replenish the medication that we use so we can offer it for next patient.
  • What is the price of driver's physical exam?
    Our current price for complete MTO drivers physical exam is $150. The fee can be paid with cash or with debit or credit card at the check-in.
  • Can I book my private physical by phone as well?
    Yes we will offer you an appointment by telephone at 519-252-2757. We prefer and encourage patients to use our very convenient online booking system that will allow to chose exact date and time available.
  • Are the cosmetic procedures covered by OHIP?
    Very few skin cosmetic procedures are covered by OHIP, majority are out of pocket expense. Warts are covered by OHIP if present on soles of feet only, anywhere else they are out of pocket expense.
  • Do you offer botox and fillers?
    At this point we offer minor surgical procedures only.
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