Are you looking for a family doctor? Good news - we are currently accepting new patients. We are specifically excited to accept senior patients, patients from underprivileged backgrounds and new Canadian immigrants. Please be aware that becoming our patient means signing a FHO registration with us that will ask you to seek all your primary care within our medical office and circle of care of our FHO group. For information about it please click here. See footer for additional limitations*.

New patient candidates please click the plus sign on left to fill our new patient application. We will reach back to you within a week of submission to establish your first appointment in person. We are looking forward to meeting you! 

* As a result of mutual courtesy agreement we will not be accepting patients under current care of other doctors from our medical group: 

Dr. Jennifer Bertram, Dr. Jenny Boismier, Dr. David Bridgeo, Dr. Vaso Globarevic, Dr. Kathleen Jasey, Dr. Courtney Laing, Dr. Paul Loebach,

Dr. Armin Mulaosmanovic, Dr. Peter Scarfone, Dr. David Scarfone, Dr. Rita Shamoon, Dr. Albert Schumacher, Dr. Susan Sweet,

Dr. Jackie Vandererden, Dr. Lauren Yee and any other new physicians from our care team.