Direct number to after hours clinic:

After hours standard coverage hours:

Monday-Thursday: 5PM-8PM

Friday: 3PM-6PM

Saturday: 8AM-2PM

Location varies each day and will be communicated during the phonecall.

What is after hours service?

If our office is closed (after regular office hours) and our patient happens have an urgent medical concern doctors from our group are on call to provide assistance to our rostered (registered) patients. This is a part of an agreement with the Ministry of Health to be available to our patients in a comprehensive primary care model. Patients that register with our practice get a lot of benefits but must sign a document in which they agree to stay within our care group as much as possible.

Why it matters to use our after hours service?

The financial model of our practice is Family Health Organization (FHO), which means that we receive a monthly "subscription style" fee for making sure our rostered patients' primary care needs are met within our clinic (or our group of FHO doctors). We are simply made responsible for all primary care of our patients, excluding ER and specialist visits. This is actually very beneficial since it is in our interest to keep our patients healthy and help them comprehensively (rather than quickly). But if our registered patient chooses to go to a walk-in clinic - it looks like we did not provide the available care we promised. What happens next is we have to pay for the full cost of the walk-in clinic visit. In case of frequent clinic users we may receive less per year than the amount we owe for clinic use. 

What happens if patients are not able to use the service?

The after hours system should not cause patients any stress or worry. Outside clinic use bears no legal implications such as fines or fees. All we actually ask is to be mindful of the above, and to try to contact our after hours service first. Practically patients signed up with us do not feel this is much of an inconvenience at all. To the opposite - a visit with our after hours is quicker and safer than anywhere else, since our FHO doctors share electronic medical records, notes and can often help by telephone.

With concerning clinic use we typically call our patients first to understand what happened or send an email reminder. Only with heavy and habitual outside clinic use we may choose to deroster patients from our practice, which may decrease their convenience of care with usFor this reason if clinic use or convenience is your priority please register with other doctors financed more flexibly. Only with your support and understanding we can continue to provide best medical services for you!