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Welcome to your clinical rotation with our comprehensive medical office. This is a demanding rotation for motivated applicants only, interested in growth through self-study and patient care responsibilities. Moreover, students and residents will have the opportunity to observe, learn and reflect on the following concepts with us:

Medical home & cost effective medicine

Observe the benefits of online self booking of appointments, system of "open schedule" for urgent same day concerns to relieve overcrowded ER departments and hospitals. By minimizing unnecessary tests and trivial referrals we reduce care fragmentation and further promote cost effective care.        Main benefit: high work satisfaction.

Lifestyle medicine & prevention

Observe various ways of promoting health, reconnecting with community, focusing on well being and patient education towards building long term patient relationships.         Main benefit: healthy patients with minimized concerns in the future.

Building the appointment framework

This starts with efficient agenda to manage multiple patient concerns, ensuring there is no concerns unaddressed by asking "anything else?" and concluding with appointment recap at end, printing visit summaries when needed.        Main benefit: higher patient satisfaction and less frustrating bounce-back visits.

Effective communication

Students will learn to assess patients expectations, managing somatization concerns, applying reassurance, techniques of active listening, asking open ended and prompting questions when needed.         Main benefit: your patients will think you are a good doctor.

Office team work & leadership

For best communication between all team members: front desk, nursing, educators and the physician. Done on ongoing basis but specifically highlighted at weekly staff meetings dedicated to quality improvement and concerns.        Main benefit: you will be meaningfully helped and your work will go smoothly

Work efficiency

We will demonstrate benefits of well organized patient flow, optimal rooming practices with flag signalling, as well as efficient use of EMR (Telus PS Suite) with full scope of ocean and use of econsults. Interested students can learn to build own javascript eforms for ocean to send to patients.         Main benefit: do double the work in half the time

Active learning

This will be demonstrated throughout each day by review of relevant materials and knowledge sources with the student or resident "on the fly" to promote the habit of active brief ongoing learning every day.        Main benefit: confidence and knowledge without much dedicated effort

Point of care ultrasound (POCUS)

Point of care ultrasound may help rule out severe concerns without wait or referrals: abdominal, kidney and bladder, MSK.       Main benefit: you can help patients quicker without referrals and higher work satisfaction

Office procedures & joint injections

Students and residents who are interested in procedures will have a chance to learn and perform basic joint injections, starting with knee and shoulder, PAP smears, toenail removal, SK electrocoagulation or mole resection with suturing, depending on length of rotation with us.        Main benefit: you can help patients quicker without referrals and higher work satisfaction


Address: 1428 Ouellette Avenue, suite 309, N8X 1K4, Windsor (MLW building)

Typical work day: Monday to Friday 8:30AM till 5PM. Some days we are on call for the FHO till 8PM, approximately twice a month.

Lunch: scheduled between 12 and 1, most days shorter if we are behind schedule. 

Attire: professional, scrubs acceptable Fridays (procedure day)

Amenities: building has an elevator (third floor office), small in-office kitchenette with fridge and microwave, bathroom for staff.

Parking: building parking lot for approximately 6 dollars a day or in the street behind the building.

Office Manager: Ms Mary Ann Vela, click here any for rotation questionsoffice telephone: 519-252-2757

Pet allergy warning: support dog on site, please be aware and may have to switch rotation site with pet dander allergies


Basic primary care reading material before start:

Canadian Preventive Task Force Recommendations

United States Preventive Task Force Recommendations

Choosing wisely Canada

Recommended additional primary care reading materials:

familiarize yourself with CFP magazine format (current printed version will be provided)

familiarize yourself with AFP magazine format (current printed version will be provided)

Canadian Hypertension Guidelines, AHA and JNC-8 guidelines

GINA Guideline

American Diabetes Association and Diabetes Canada guideline

commonly used clinical risk calculators: HEART, TIMI, INTERCHEST, CHA2DS2VASC, HASBLED, STOP-BANG, CENTOR

JAMA rational clinical examination (pdf formats are searchable online)

More to read by topic:

ortho and sports: orthobullets, physiotutors

contraception all-in-one: MMRW by CDC

STD treatment guidelines: MMRW by CDC

urgent care/ER/EKG library: LITFL


Medical students and residents from non-Canadian medical schools may apply for a commercial shadowing rotation with our clinic in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Our clinic will charge a monthly fee for this educational opportunity. Medical school credentials will be required (diploma or medical school status proof). Successful completion of the rotation will conclude with an official recommendation letter from our doctor. Click here to apply. 

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