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We believe the best way we can help our patients is to prevent disease, reduce harm and involve patients in their care.


To prevent disease we continue to promote healthy weight through vegetable rich diet without processed foods, advise to abstain from smoking and recommend to stay physically fit. We encourage to maintain strong bonds with family, friends and the community, involve in acts of giving, reconnect with local natural environment to live better and healthier. We advise to spend more time around nearby lakes, beaches and parks, make use of bicycle trails to explore our picturesque farmlands, slow down daily stressors and improve your life. We recommend to support local wonder of small farming communities and enjoy the freshest and healthiest produce at a fraction of a price!

To reduce harm we limit unnecessary testing, referrals and medications. Each patient's visit includes medication review that prioritizes deprescribing (stopping medicines), specifically most harmful medications such as narcotics, benzodiazepines and sleeping pills. If medications are needed we default to affordable generics sent electronically to your pharmacy of choice.

Also, good health is a result of patients taking responsibility of their lifestyle and being actively involved on their own. An example would be requesting that patients take their blood pressure readings at home when needed and calling us if out of range. We will give you homework because we can help much more if you stay in charge of your health.


We are aware of how important it is to care about your health and the health of your family. For this reason we use latest standards of care and propagate culture of quality improvement with help of modern technology. We use PS Suite electronic medical records with ocean and electronic faxing. Our patients benefit from easy-access video visits, secure electronic messaging, automatic appointment reminders, secure two-way email communication allowing attachments (i.e. lab forms sent from us or pics sent from patients), online self-booking of visits, use of electronic questionnaires and econsults to bypass growing specialist wait times. We are equipped with point of care ultrasound (POCUS) to help diagnose or rule out important concerns within minutes if needed.

Lastly, since we have requested our patients to avoid random walk-in clinics, we attach great importance to being available. How available are we? We are open five days a week, with additional Saturday coverage provided by our after hours service. For urgent concerns we offer same day appointments if needed. Prescription refills and patient questions are usually taken care of within one working day. Overall we are proud to deliver well organized, timely and thorough medical care to all our patients. For more details about how to reach us please check the contact&messaging tab.


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