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Safe Travels promo girl flight clearance PCR tests in Windsor

The largest covid-19 testing and travel clinic in Windsor


Welcome to the largest elective covid-19 testing centre in Windsor. This link will take you directly to our website with online booking.


Unlike a pharmacy or a business pop-up we are a complete medical clinic. Our fully vaccinated staff consists of nurses and a licensed physician. If you need an RT-PCR test Windsor location of Safe Travels will deliver it. We also offer comprehensive travel clinic services which includes travel vaccine consultations and all travel vaccines that are recommended. We are an approved yellow fever vaccination centre in Windsor.

Our RT PCR test arrive quickly and reliably to your email. Our latest expedited EXPRESS RT-PCR test is the only RT-PCR C19 test that returns to your email in one hour. We are equipped with our own laboratory grade technology to perform the full classic molecular reverse transcriptase test and get your results back fast. Results come with a QR code.


Our Rapid antigen test is approved by Health Canada and returns within minutes and comes with a CDC compliant certificate and valid for air travel to USA, UK and selected European Union countries. 

We have so far successfully assisted thousands of passengers cross international border with our flight clearance tests. Book your next pre-flight check-up and covid-19 clearance test with us as well!

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